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About RNIP

  About RNIP
What We Do
Organizational Structure
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Direct Poverty Alleviation

Direct Poverty AlleviationSafeguarding and restoring the quality of ecosystems and improving the availability of products and services derived thereof on a sustainable basis.

Lasting impact on development and poverty alleviation, hence lead to higher income, better health, more food, improved access and benefit sharing, increased security, autonomy and equity, at the same time serving the objective of resource conservation and sustainable use.

Support to IP CSOs

Support to IP CSOsCapacity strengthening of CSOs, transfer of knowledge to (and between) CSOs including CML and CVPED.

Increase capacity of CSOs to tackle opportunities and causes of environmental and developmental problems for more sustainable resource management and improved provision of and access to goods and services

To limited extent: Participate in influencing local, national and international policies

  • Develop CSO capacities through financial support and training.
  • Improve CSO abilities to organize national and international support for local initiatives.
  • Facilitate access to results of scientific conferences, knowledge networks and inputs in international fora.
  • Provide seed fund and mechanisms to CSOs.
  • Encouragement of supporting research activities through relevant institutes.

Intervention Types:

  • Develop alternative resource uses or alternatives that reduce dependency on natural resources.
  • Improve the efficiency of utilization of natural resources.
  • Restore or improving the quality of degraded ecosystems that leads to improved availability of products and services.
  • Compensate for reduced use of natural resources.
  • Develop indigenous uses that are sustainable and yet highly profitable increase proportion of benefits for poor social groups (equity aspect).


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