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About RNIP

About RNIP
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Regional Network for Indigenous People in Southeast Asia (RNIP)
Cagayan Valley Programme for Environment and Development
EIC Bldg. Isabela State University
Cabagan, Isabela , Philippines

Project Concept (A pre-proposal)

1.0 Project Title – Precise, brief title including indication of geographical location.

2.0 Project Proponent – Name of organization, name of main contact person and contact (email, telephone, fax, etc.)

3.0 Project Location – Name of village, town/city, country

4.0 Project Duration – Number of months/years of implementation

5.0 Project Purpose and Objectives – Clear statement of the purpose and specific objectives of the project and identifiable impacts on indigenous people

6.0 Project Beneficiaries – Brief Identification of the indigenous people who will benefit from the project.

[Please include a letter of request from the community for assistance (or a memorandum of agreement between the community and your organisation]

7.0 Project Outputs – Indicate the outputs and impacts of the project. Please relate the outputs to the objectives.

[Include the project outputs, if any, resulting to biodiversity or resource conservation]

8.0 Project Activities – List the main activities of the project.

[Include specific activities, if any, that are expected to contribute to biodiversity or resource conservation]

9.0 Proposed Budget – summary of budget

Note: Pre- Project proposals should not exceed one page.
Please refer to the RNIP Trust Fund Scheme for other details.

Download this document: preproposal.doc (MS Word 97 - 2003)


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