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About RNIP

Partner Categories
Partners 2005-2006
Partners 2007

Partners may fall into any of four categories described as follows:

Core Partner

A Core Partner shall be any civil society organization (CSO) or non-governmental organization (NGO) that meets all of the following criteria:

•  It is willing to commit itself and/or its staff in collaborating with or participating in the activities of the RNIP;
•  It comes from the focal countries of the RNIP, namely: Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Thailand , and Vietnam ;
•  It is involved with an indigenous people in its country of operation. Among its activities should be on IPs particularly in the field of poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation or sustainable use of biodiversity; and
•  It is a beneficiary of the RNIP trust fund.

Associate Partner

An Associate Partner shall be any civil society organization (CSO) or non-governmental organization (NGO) that:

•  Cooperates or coordinates with RNIP in the conduct of its annual workshops, intervision meetings, trainings and related activities;
•  Regularly communicates with the RNIP with respect to mutual concerns on indigenous peoples, particularly on matters related to RNIP's goals and objectives;
•  Regularly shares with and access from RNIP information on indigenous peoples and related matters;

Resource Person

A Resource Person is any person tapped as service provider (such as resource person or trainer) because of his acknowledged expertise in the field by which he can share or train participants in RNIP trainings or workshops.

Recipient / Observer

A Recipient/Observer is any person supported by RNIP in attending trainings or workshops.

RNIP is currently formalizing partnerships with several CSOs in the region. Twenty proposals have been submitted to the Trust Fund as of June 20, 2005 . At least 10 of these shall become Core Partners. The conduct of a training before the year end shall involve other CSOs who shall become Associate Partners, Resource Persons, and Recipients or Observers.


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