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RNIP partners may be categorized into three and may vary annually depending on the involvement of the CSO or the CSO member.

PartnersThe RNIP operates under the framework of the Cagayan Valley Programme for Environment and Development, a joint programme of the College of Forestry and Environmental Management of the Isabela State University in the Philippines and the CML Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Leiden University in the Netherlands . It is funded by the DGIS the Dutch Foreign Ministry for Development.

The RNIP is a network of CSOs involved with indigenous peoples in five countries in Southeast Asia . The network has an informal structure that may vary periodically (e.g. annually) depending on the involvement of each of the CSO partners. Based on the categories of CSO partners (e.g. core partner, associate partner, resource person or recipient), the link with CSO partners may vary periodically.

As a loose association of CSOs working with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in SEA, RNIP will be an inclusive network rather than restrictive in its relation with potential partners and associates. Any partner may or may not participate in some of the network's activities at some point in time but the overriding consideration is that it subscribes to and supports broadly the goals and aspirations of the network. It is expected that the number of partners will grow over time as RNIP activities increases and subsequently its resources expanded from various supporters locally and internationally.

The primary aim of the RNIP Trust Fund is to provide financial support for small scale initiatives by local organisations supporting indigenous communities in efforts to alleviate poverty through ecologically sustainable projects. The Trust Fund aims to support projects that contribute to direct poverty alleviation of the IP communities and improved the skills and working knowledge of the organisation. The direct beneficiaries of the RNIP Trust Fund are those local organisations attached to the RNIP working with indigenous peoples in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The following Table shows the seventeen CSO recipients of the RNIP Trust Fund for 2005 (8 CSOs) and 2006 (9 CSOs) and the projects supported. Three are under consideration for 2006 to complete the ten projects target per year.


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