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About RNIP

About RNIP
What We Do
Organizational Structure
Project Proposal

Various mechanisms shall be established and maintained by the RNIP. For management purposes, it shall operationalize the following management mechanisms:

Steering Committee

Steering CommitteeSafeguarding and restoring the quality of ecosystems and improving the availability of products and services derived thereof on a sustainable basis.

Lasting impact on development and poverty alleviation, hence lead to higher income, better health, more food, improved access and benefit sharing, increased security, autonomy and equity, at the same time serving the objective of resource conservation and sustainable use.

Trust Fund Committee

Trust Fund CommitteeThe Trust Fund Committee is composed of a representative from CML ( Leiden University), CVPED ( Isabela State University , CVPED Coordinator) and the RNIP Director as ex-officio member. Its main task is to assess and approve proposals for micro projects submitted by RNIP partners.

The Trust Fund Committee decides which pre-proposal applications will be invited to send a follow up full proposals. It will then evaluate the full proposal and will communicate its decision to the project proponent within one month of its receipt of a full project proposal.

RNIP-Programme Coordination Unit

RNIP-Programme Coordination UnitThe RNIP-Programme Coordination Unit is composed of the Network Director (Rolando Modina), Assistant Network Director (Dr Dante Aquino) and Finance Assistant (Wilda Calapoto).

RNIP-Programme Coordination Unit serves as the secretariat of the RNIP. Its main task is to manage effectively the RNIP by:

(a) developing and maintaining an active network of CSOs involved with IPs in 5 SEA countries.
(b) preparing strategic and operational plans and budgets.
(c) ensuring proper implementation of plans through effective M&E.
(d) ensuring effective implementation of RNIP projects in coordination with partners.
(e) managing the Trust Fund.
(f) organizing annual workshops and training courses for RNIP partners.


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