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The Regional Network for Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia (RNIP)

RNIPThe Regional Network for Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia (RNIP) was established to safeguard, restore and protect natural livelihood resources for the poverty alleviation of indigenous peoples (IPs) in Southeast Asia through the development of a strong regional network of civil society organizations (CSOs). Towards this end, RNIP implements in cooperation and partnership with partner CSOs, activities geared towards the betterment of the livelihood of indigenous peoples. Among these activities are the provision of a trust fund for poverty alleviation projects of partner CSOs and the conduct of trainings for the empowerment of partner CSOs and their clientele indigenous peoples.

The various activities of RNIP are geared through or for the attainment of the following:

  • The establishment of an active regional network for knowledge exchange and capacity building;
  • Strengthened local communities of indigenous peoples and CSOs who are supportive of their own cultural identity;
  • Improvement of planning and management for the sustainable use of natural livelihood resources;
  • Enhancement of property and user rights for the communities of indigenous peoples;
  • Additional income for local IPs from enhanced productive functions of natural livelihood resources;
  • Additional benefits for local indigenous communities in terms of services and products from enhanced functioning of natural resources.

RNIP's goal of direct poverty alleviation is to have lasting impact on the livelihood of indigenous peoples through higher income, better health, more food, improved access to resources and benefit sharing, increased security, autonomy and equity at the same time pursuing the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. This is done by tapping civil society organizations (CSOs) involved with indigenous peoples (IPs) by developing their capacities through financial support and training, improving their abilities to organize and seek international support for their local initiatives, facilitating their access to results of conferences, networks, and forums, providing seed fund for worthwhile projects, and providing support for related research activities.

The RNIP is managed by the Project Coordinating Unit (RNIP-PCU) and acts the secretariat. RNIP is advised by a Steering Committee with members coming from CSOs in Southeast Asia. The RNIP-PCU is composed of Mr. Rolando B. Modina as Director, Dr. Dante M. Aquino as Assistant Director, and Ms. Wilda Calapoto as Finance Assistant.


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